Xi'an Famous Foods to Open Fourth Location, on St. Marks Place

Lamb burgers coming to St. Marks.
Lamb burgers coming to St. Marks.

Flushing Mall favorite Xi'an Famous Foods opened its first Manhattan location late last year, to the great delight of Chinese food geeks citywide, from Anthony Bourdain to Joe DiStefano. And now, it's making its way uptown -- although not too far up -- to the East Village. Construction is under way at the new location on St. Marks Place at the corner of First Avenue, which is expected to open in a month or so with the same menu as the other three locations.

The new opening was announced via Xi'an's Facebook page, a great source for such delicious nuggets as this one:

"the Spicy & Tingly Lamb Leg Salad (off-menu item) is more popular than ever! Keep buying them to help make it a regular menu item! And of course, don't forget to come early for your Liang Pi Coldskins -- perfect for this weather!"

That's a "Like" if ever there was one.

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