Year of the Takeout Day 112: M Shanghai Bistro & Garden

Year of the Takeout Day 112: M Shanghai Bistro & Garden

Spicy Cold Eggplant Salad from M Shanghai Bistro & Garden (292 Grand Street, 718-384-9300)

Eggplant is one of Year of the Takeout's favorite vegetables both because of its versatility and horror-movie-special-effect-like texture.

(To preemptively address looming linguistic trolls: yes, YotT knows that scientifically, eggplant is a fruit. Like tomatoes, however, it's commonly considered a "vegetable" in culinary contexts when used in savory cooking.)

Anyway, this generous, $6 portion comes splashed with a light, garlicky, soy dressing. Although chilled, the pick has just enough peppery heat to keep it from tasting cold. This restaurateur's stuff (including most of the offerings at M Noodle Shop, a Shanghai offshoot), generally seems pretty solid.

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M Shanghai Bistro & Garden

292 Grand St.
New York, NY 11211


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