Year of the Takeout Day 133: Yung City Corp.

Year of the Takeout Day 133: Yung City Corp.

Lichee Pork on Rice from Yung City Corp. (21 Eldridge Street, 646-0988)

Let's begin with an analogy: Ta-chen chicken is to General Tso's chicken as lichee pork is to sweet-and-sour pork: Both seem like the tastier bases of these popular, Americanized plates.

So how does this misleadingly named pick--there are no lychee fruit (!)--differ from the U.S. version?

Although the porcine pieces come battered and fried in both dishes, the key differences are in the sauces and vegetables.

The Fouijan features a less sticky, syrupy sauce: In texture, taste, and color, it's almost identical to the sweet-and-spicy soy-based gravy present on ta-chen.

Also, Yung City's boasts tomato and cauliflower, whereas sweet-and-sour only tends to have canned pineapple (if that.)

Served over rice, this $4.25 specialty could easily serve two, but won't because you will devour the whole thing.

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