Year of the Takeout Day 163: Quickly

Year of the Takeout Day 163: Quickly

Green Tea With Pudding from Quickly

Quickly is analogous to the Starbucks of bubble teas -- they are scattered throughout the City and can be found in other boroughs and have a strong presence in Chinatown.

Not huge fans of boba, we decided to go for the green tea with pudding. The tea, while strong, has a slight sweetness and air of jasmine. The pudding seems like a mango jelly of sorts, and features just a hint of fruitiness. The vibe is more gelatinous than candy like.

Overall, the 2 buck beverage is refreshingly weird. And weirdly refreshing.

For more Year of the Takeout, click here. And follow Victoria Bekiempis @vicbekiempis.

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