Year of the Takeout Day 179: TORTOISE? (UPDATE)

Year of the Takeout Day 179: TORTOISE? (UPDATE)

Sauteed Tortoise Meat from ? (81 Allen Street, 212-625-0001)

Hey, it's what the menu said!

We're not even quite sure what the restaurant is called (Google searches say that the address refers to a Spring Boy Fuzhou Food, but the menu and signage are not in English.)

So did we eat our shelled, reptilian friends -- or is this just a name?

UPDATE: OK, so it's not tortoise. We asked the woman at the restaurant about 16 different ways -- short of drawing a tortoise or turtle on a napkin -- and she said it 's a way of referring to the mixed meat dish, which just happened to be pork innards* that day.

Which of course brings us to our next point -- the food itself.

A balance of vegetables and porcine pieces was studiously achieved, and the hot garlic gravy -- which had both bold earthiness and peppery zing -- neared perfection.

(*The general definition of "innards," of course!)

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