Year of the Takeout Day 182: Sweet House Inc.

Year of the Takeout Day 182: Sweet House Inc.

Green Tea Mousse from Sweet House Inc. (239 Grand Street, 212-219-3373)

Often, mousses can be overly creamy -- with too much richness and not enough nuance, masking their flavor.

Our theory on this $2.25 dessert -- why it works so well when similar ones tend to fail -- is that the tea's citrusy bitterness balances out the milkiness inherent in the dish, so that it doesn't come out like an over-sweet dairy pâté.

Instead, the tea gives the small plate a light, perfume-like air. The dark chocolate and ladyfinger-like biscuit on the bottom also add to this effect.

All in all, this mousse is quite a refreshing treat on a hot day, rather than a soporific gut-stuffer.

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