Year of the Takeout Day 97: Whole Foods

Year of the Takeout Day 97: Whole Foods

Shanghai Dumplings from Whole Foods (Union Square)

Whole Foods' salad bars and steam tables tend to be mediocre, and we wondered whether the Shanghai dumplings (vegan/macro, of course) would be any better. Also, Year of the Takeout was curious: How would they compare with the frozen delights purchased yesterday as well as One Stop Natural's Hunan Dumplings (which look almost identical)?

The verdict? The shell of the beef and veggie dumplings was thinner and more delicate -- the WF variety, like One Stop's, seemed a little too thick and chewy. But WF's cabbage filling felt fluffy and seasoned adequately with salt and pepper -- and not over-sour with vinegar.

This selection is worth willingly consuming again -- and probably one of the best premade things in the store.

(NOTE: These dumplings do taste uncannily similar to One Stop Natural's. But a comparison of both ingredient lists suggests several differences. We're going to find out more about these dumplings' origin and will update when we get that info.)

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Whole Foods Market

4 Union Square S.
New York, NY 10003


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