Yelp Staff Plied with Beer; M. Wells Starts Cocktails Today

Combine chocolate and beer this St. Patrick's Day with Brooklyn-based Nunu Chocolates' line of "Beer Chocolates." [NY1]

At Yelp's headquarters in San Francisco, employees have 24/7 access to a keg of beer, but staff have to log in to an iPad app that records how much they drink. [NY Magazine]

A tasting of wines from Priorat reveals big, dense, and boozy garnachas, full of "succulent fruit." [NY Times]

A new study suggests that 13-year-olds from wealthier families may be somewhat more likely than their less affluent peers to drink. [Reuters]

M. Wells will start serving cocktails today, including the Red Rooster (tequila blanco, lime juice, raspberry syrup, and sriracha) and the Slapshot (Canadian Club highball). [Diner's Journal]

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