Yelps for Co.

Yelps for Co.

The Yelps are coming in for the hottest new pizza in town, Jim Lahey's Co. (230 Ninth Avenue), and they're a mixed pie. Three out of seven yelps give the place 4 stars out of 5, but the remaining yelpers have only a star or two for the joint, making for 2.5 stars on average. Much of the negativity relates to long waits, dough shortages, and service issues--to be expected in a restaurant's early weeks. After the jump, some key Yelp quotes...

Four Stars

"It's pizza , but very tasty pizza."

"The execution of a Margherita is the litmus test of a good pizzeria.  Co. passed the test by executing on a perfect char on the crust, which was crispy at first bite, and then transitions into a perfectly springy, tender and slightly chewy mouthful.  The sauce and cheese is just the proverbial frosting on top."

"The food made up for the lack of our waiter's attention."

Two Stars
"The pizza was good, but it did not meet expectations.  The biggest problem was the fact that most of the combinations were poor."

One Star

"I know it is harsh to review a restaurant in their first couple weeks, but there are a LOT of kinks that need to be worked out.  The first being that the rather nice (and cute) bartender told us their pizza oven only cooked 7 pizzas at a time.  To which you HAVE to say, get another oven."

"Horrible.  My friend and I sat at the bar, ordered two pizzas, and during the hour it took to get them, watched several other couples get multiple pizzas---having arrived after us.  Managers
didn't care, people were rude---and the pizza is too salty and so not interesting." 


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