Your Kosher Salt Might Not Be Kosher

Your Kosher Salt Might Not Be Kosher
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Attention all Passover-prepping chefs: Not all kosher salt is kosher. The Jewish Daily Forward reports that the term "kosher salt" is a "20th-century American construction" that gained popularity in observant Jewish homes in the 1950s as it was used to clean and preserve meat before it was served. Salt expert Gil Marks told the Forward that the flaky crystals really found success when "certain companies started marketing to Jews." Since then, kosher salt has become a favorite among chefs and home cooks, as much for its crunchy grains as for its lack of additives (table salt regularly contains iodine). So what, exactly, makes this favorite ingredient kosher? Like many other Jewish rituals, the process of creating true "kosher salt" requires strict rabbinical supervision. Oy. [JDF]

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