40 Ridiculous People in Headdresses at Music Festivals

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Once worn into battle and at ceremonies of a spiritual nature, the headdress (or war bonnet) worn by Native Americans of the Plains is now more often seen in the fields of music festivals. While the traditional headdress was comprised of feathers -- each one signifying a good deed of brave act in battle -- today, each faux-Bald Eagle feather could perhaps represent the number of light beers drank in the parking lot or number of times the wearer has seen Skrillex.

Photos by Eric Gruneisen, LP Hastings, Laura June Kirsch, Nick Lucchesi, Brandon Marshall, Timothy Norris, Colin Young-Wolff and Christopher Victorio.

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Published on June 10, 2013

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As an Native American myself, I am an advocate for Native justice, but not all of these headdresses are even modeled after war bonnets...true, a couple may border on Mexican cultural appropriation (Aztecs), I usually tell people that finding a creative way to make their own headdress that is not Native American based is still a way to have fun and wear fancy headgear, but this just seems slightly overboard. Even to me. :/

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