A Look Back at Lindsay Lohan's Winding List of Roles

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Lohan in The Canyons (2013).

In The Canyons, Lindsay Lohan's latest film, the 27-year-old New York native plays Tara, " a woman who could be a Hollywood climber but who really, maybe, just wants to survive. The boyfriend she's latched onto is suitable only on the surface: Christian (the adult-film performer James Deen) is an egotistical trust-fund kid who dabbles in producing horror movies." Lohan's latest role continues her path toward more adult roles--her tumultuous personal life notwithstanding. Here's a rearview look at the films of Lohan, from her time as a spunky child actor to break-out roles in movies like 2004's Mean Girls to straight-to-TV (Liz and Dick) and now indie fare. No matter how small the role, Lohan seems to always drawn attention -- from her defenders and gossip bloggers alike.

Published on July 31, 2013

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fishingblues topcommenter

She's really not that good looking, but she does have that "porn on wheels" look.  I'd do her.

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