Amateur Boxing Night at Gleason's Gym, February 18

Masters, Juniors, and Novice Amateur Boxers came out Saturday Night to Gleason's Gym to show off their skills. Boxers from all over the New York City area took part in an exciting night of 14 bouts.
The fight card read:
1. Red: Armani Justice, Cops and Kids, 70 Novice
Blue: Eugeny Belilouskiv, Bar Boxing, 70 Novice
2. Red: Robert Dyton, Gleason's, 165 Masters
Blue: Kerry Dasher, Jarvell BC, 165 Masters
3. Red: Don Rabkin, Bars Boxing, 123 J.O.
Blue: Brandon Cox, Cops and Kids, 123 J.O.
4. Red: Anthony White, Fitness BC, 197 Masters
Blue: Michael Pasternak, Unattached, 197 Masters
5. Red: Jacques Richardson, Cops and Kids, 118 J.O.
Blue: Ariel Lopes, Gleason's BC, 118 J.O.
6. Red: Isah Washington, Mt. Vernon BC, 151 J.O.
Blue: Alban Kaziv, Cops and Kids, 151 J.O.
7. Red: Curdell Hoskins, JR., Inwood BC, 178 Masters
Blue: Javon Swindell, John's Gym, 178 Masters
8. Red: Paul Sanwald, Gleason's BC, 165 Masters
Blue: Jairo Maya, Unattached, 165 Masters
9. Red: Carlos Nieves, World Class BC, 141 Novice
Blue: David Lenson, Bars Boxing, 141 Novice
10. Red: Edward Sallie, Final Round, 190 Masters
Blue: David Cassidy, Zealous Nation, 190 Masters
11. Red: Randy Zheng, Gym X. 141 J.O.
Blue: Janibek Khotamov, Atlas Cops and Kids, 141 J.O.
12. Red: Paul Fitz James, Gleason's, 178 Masters
Blue: Edward Cannone, Westbory BC, 178 Masters
13. Red: Gabriel Marquez, Unattached, 178 Masters
Blue: Dan Meyers, Unattached, 178 Masters
14. Red: David Micha, Gleason's BC, 152 Masters
Blue: Joseph Messer, Gleason's BC, 152 Masters


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Gleasons Gym

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