Baauer & Just Blaze do the Harlem Shake at Webster Hall

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On Friday, February 15, Baauer and Just Blaze came to Webster Hall. Nick Murray writes:

Arriving shortly after midnight, I had never seen Webster Hall so crowded. NYU students and alumni--far too many of them shirtless--pushed out past the bar at the back of the main room. I tried upstairs and that was even worse, so I went back down and found some room in the usually closed side bar off to stage right. Meanwhile, Just Blaze was playing what I faithfully recorded in my phone's notepad as "what happened to that boy remix into a crew love remix into a swimmin pools remix maybe just blend," and it dawned on me why fistpumping has become so popular: because these clubs are so oversold you can barely do anything else ... But yes, I'll stop cracking my knuckles and just confirm for you that Friday's setlist did include "Harlem Shake." It wasn't anti-climactic, exactly, but everybody had been dancing so much in the first place that the crowd couldn't replicate the off/on jump cut of the viral videos. Oh well, those are overrated anyways.

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Published on February 19, 2013

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