Brisket-Lovers Gather at the Lafayette Firehouse

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Brisket-lovers braved impending blizzard doom on Wednesday, February 12 and packed the labyrinthine rooms of the old Lafayette Firehouse for the third-annual Brisket King, a weeknight smoke sesh and competition to see which of the city's barbecue slingers reigns supreme: Fletchers or Morgan's, Dinosaur or Duck's, Wandering 'Cue, Kutschers, Joe & Mrs. Doe, Hill Country or Beast of Bourbon, among many, many more. But with first, second, and third prizes in several categories, and local beef and booze at every turn, nary a soul escaped without a win. All photos by Hannah Palmer Egan for the Village Voice.

Published on February 13, 2014

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Looks good but I have a question for Anna Merlan: Are there any NYC Que places that can hold up to Texas Que?

Anna_Merlan_Voice topcommenter

@NewsDog  Ha! I don't eat meat, but the Dallas born-and-bred boyfriend reports that Mighty Quinn's is great. But their sides are awful, man. No mac and cheese, no baked potatoes, no biscuits. Just a bunch of fancy crap that is truly unnecessary. 

We will continue visiting New York's barbecue spots, such as they are, and I'll report back. Merlan out. 

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