Burlesque Show Asstopia! Strips Down at the Bell House

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Entering The Bell House for a burlesque show on a Thursday night while the sun was still out felt strange but, slowly and surely, the venue filled up for the striptease celebration ASSTOPIA! While M.C. Doc Wasabassco recognized many regulars, or his family as he would call it, in the crowd, he found some new faces who must have been lured in by the promise of the numerous derrière extraordinares on display, as no seat in the venue went unfilled. With more than 15 performers on stage, some of the acts had to outweigh the others -- and the loudest laughs were earned by Peekaboo Pointe for her "lazy stripper" act in the first half, and the loudest applause was for Sydni Deveraux whose American excess act involved her spilling hipster-swill PBR down her backside. Not all of the show involved stripping, the portion before intermission was given over to a fashion show (of booty shorts of course) from Booty & The Geek, followed by a request for donations for a friend of Wasabassco who spent all her savings on medical care for her pet. Enough money ended up being raised that Doc fulfilled a promise, he took of his coat and revealed his chaps (all chaps are assless he said). From that moment on, the audience's catcalls were for his pasty white ass... to get off the stage and make way for the all of the ladies. -- Words and photos by Sachyn Mital for the Village Voice.

Published on April 25, 2014

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Since Huffington Post’s Egg-sucking, LGBT* CULTural PC Stalinist Moderators decided to vote me off the HP island and not be allowed to make any more comments, I now have far more Freedom to write whatever I want. And since HP presents way too many LGBT stories, here is one from a ( Kinky ) Heterosexual viewpoint  :

Except for a pair of Black Leather Over-the-Knee Boots and matching Opera Gloves, ( and a Black Leather Mask ), Ms. Huffington** is imagined by me to be  Totally Naked. She has graciously allowed me to securely Bind her ’ spread eagled ‘, to a large bed, and I use yards and yards of soft, 3/8th inch, white cotton clothesline to do so. I then place a Black Ball Gag in her mouth. I follow this this by applying a generous amount of edible lotion to Ms. Huffington’s Vagina and immediately afterward, begin to perform Lengthy and Vigorous Cunnilingus on the Booted, Gloved, Masked, and Spread-Eagle Bound ( and Ball Gagged ) Ms. Huffington. Occasionally, I reach up to gently massage Ms. H’s Erect Nipples. Soon, Arianna is producing all sorts of intriguing and intense noises - maybe even some muffled Greek - from beneath her Ball gag. 

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