Con Artist Collective Opening Night

The opening night of the collective show for Con Artist members was a social success and exhibited works from 25 artists. Con Artist NYC , located at 157 Suffolk Street between Houston Street and Stanton Street, is a work space and gallery with about 30 members in total. They have 3 shows a year where members exhibit their work and people have the chance to see what everyone is working on. Prices of the art range from $70 to $4800 with mediums from charcoal to tinfoil. It was an easy going night with an open bar and a great chance to meet new people and see new art.

Those exhibiting:
Stephanie Paz
Lewis Lazar
Mariana Khomrenko
Hea Jin Ko
Celie Gruber
Yuliya Mamontova
Justin Wood
Silvia Mihai
Brian Shevlin
Clara Renhuldt
Eric Triton
Allison Merz
Chris Mendoza
Cody Oyama
Sara Zin
Oscar Brown
Laura Tack
Dean Millen
Ryan Wijayaratne
Carolyn Colsant
Tom Hammer
Rachael Senchoway
Kanako Miyamoto
Anjo Bolarda

All Photos By Natalie Marcoux

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