Danzig Takes A Halloween Tour Through His Legacy

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Glenn Danzig, the diabolical mesh-loving doom crooner and heavy metal pioneer, celebrated his career--34 years of ghoulish, Satanic imagery and pounding musical mayhem--at Hammerstein Ballroom. The miserable nature of the night's weather set an appropriate mood for the performance, a bleak landscape for music equally suited for the raging infernos of the rapture or a sunless, post-apocalyptic ice world. And although most fans preferred to don their normal metal uniforms--black band tees and various leather accoutrements--bloody body parts and gaping bullet wounds or serrated knife slashes, delicately constructed with gobs of viscous theatrical makeup, peeked out from the darkness here and there.Read more about the Danzig show in Maura Johnston's review here. Photos by Benjamin Lozovsky