Do Not Underestimate Hot Chip

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Photograph by Ashley Mungo


From Ryan Leas's write-up of the April 13th show at Roseland Ballroom: All of this is to say: despite their quirky appearance, do not underestimate Hot Chip. Their live show is an unstoppable, endlessly gratifying 80 to 90 minute party. On paper, a Hot Chip set looks short, a meager 13 to 16 songs. But in practice, each of these are opened up into percussive, beat heavy epics, the band members regularly throwing in a bonus cathartic synth build-up here and there. Consequently, the propulsion of these live versions bears more house influence than would be immediately glimpsed on record, and the band fittingly runs the set almost like they were DJing. For three or four songs in a row, nobody will say anything and there might not even be a break between songs. Basslines and beats often faded out into something new, which in turn opened the door for the next song, functioning not unlike a DJ's transition.

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All Photographs by Ashley Mungo.

Published on April 10, 2013

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