Hillside: Vinegar Hill House Gets a Neighbor

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Christina Ascani


From Tejal Rao's review this week:
"It's true-- Hillside is plainer than Vinegar Hill House, the romantic charmer on Hudson Avenue. Jean Adamson and Sam Buffa's newest spot doesn't have much of a kitchen, only a stone-paneled counter beside the bar that turns out a handful of dishes. Brian Leth is the chef of both places--though at Hillside you won't find that chicken-liver mousse cobbled with pistachios, or the pork chops flushed pink as a slapped buttock. But after a few minutes spent chatting with the staff about sour Spanish ciders, and dipping crunchy snap peas into a teeny ramekin of lemon vinaigrette, you may just want to pass the whole evening in Hillside's not-so-dowdy-after-all arms."
Photos by: Christina Ascani

Published on August 1, 2012

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