House of Vans with Against Me!

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Laura June Kirsch


Tokyo Police Club, Big Freedia, Japanther, and Team Robespierre also performed at the August 18 installment of Van's free shows on the East River in Greenpoint. Photos by Laura June Kirsch.

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Leaving the office and ready to head home, you take to the streets to hail a cab. None. Not one. It’s barren. Finally, there’s scientific evidence backing this urban legend. The explanation is steeped in NYC taxi economics. With each cab holding two drivers a day, each working a 12-hour shift, taxi owners schedule shift changes so each shift gets a rush hour—more money for each driver. If rap’s taught us anything, it’s “Mo money, mo problems.” In recent decades, most cabbie garages relocated to outer boroughs, so, now, to switch, cabbies are driving into Long Island City for their 5 p.m. changeover, leaving fewer cabs on the road between 4:30 p.m. and 6 p.m
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