Images of "Vintage Violence" at Monya Rowe Gallery

Monya Rowe Gallery's sharp-witted group exhibition "Vintage Violence" features work dating from 1981 to the present, illustrating that violence, like wine, is subject to epochal vagaries. Some of the images provide aesthetic ripostes to Kael's outrage, seeming to ask: Who in their right mind comes to New York looking for sanity and order anyway? Certainly not Carroll Dunham, whose 1998 ballpoint drawing of apartment buildings come to life, screaming at each other and brandishing shivs, nails those scintillating interactions we've all had with the upstairs neighbors. The artist's postcard scale adds squeamish intimacy to the scene. Keep reading R. C. Baker's column: "'Vintage Violence': Every Year's a Good One for Pain and Death

Images from Monya Rowe Gallery (34 Orchard Street).

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