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  • Guess Where We Shot It
    Rare is the show where the various tribes, scenes and cliques come together -- Coachella, maybe -- but it's a also a a joy to see music fans in their own element. Mohawks, raver boots, face paint, handles of vodka and the potent smell of pot: Think you can peg a fan to a band just by looking at...
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  • Choice Cunts: Pies 'n Ties Edition
    The monthly lady party with a revolving theme tried on ties for the March 26 edition, hosted at Identity Bar.
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  • SXSW 2011 In Photos
    SXSW 2011 finally wrapped up on Sunday, March 21, but not before countless bands played countless shows on countless stages. Rebecca Smeyne captured some of the energy.
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  • Judy Gets Stuffed Party at Public Assembly
    Queer party people JUDY celebrated their favorite carnal pleasure -- food, of course -- during their March 18th JUDY Gets Stuffed party at Public Assembly.
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  • Underground Rebel Bingo in Gramercy
    The marquee at Gramercy Theatre read "Shakespeare Theatre" so as to keep the game of bingo going on inside "underground." The ink markers handed out to keep track of the game quickly became tools for a spontaneous mass body-art event for the 700-odd people in attendance.
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  • Inside Mehtaphor: Forgive the Pop Rocks
    If ever a guy kept diners guessing, it would be Jehangir Mehta, the experimental pastry chef who inched into the savory world with his minuscule East Village debut, Graffiti. Equally eclectic in scope is this follow-up venture, located inside Tribeca's Duane Street Hotel.Read Lauren Shockey's...
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  • Inside Sol de Quito in Bushwick
    The boxy Ecuadorian restaurant is warm and filled with good smells from the kitchen at the far end of the room, just beyond the small bar, where fruit shakes in exotic flavors and Corona beers are dispensed. Read Robert Sietsema's review here.
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  • Queen Of The Damned Party at Public Assembly
    Hey Queen!'s Queen of the Damned party on Saturday, March 12 was a night of dark and gothic pleasures.
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  • Spidey Super Theater Stories: The Cartoon
    With great power comes great responsibility. No one told Julie Taymor. A new cartoon by Ward Sutton.
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