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  • Van Halen in the village
    Van Halen -- they're back! Photographer Emmanuel Garcia captures David Lee Roth entering through the front door, and the frenetic scene outside Cafe Wha?
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  • 2012 NYC Winter Jazzfest
    "A festival devoted to new ideas and the performers preoccupied with furthering them." Read the Benjamin Lozovsky's "Live: Winter Jazzfest Breaks Down Boundaries And Confounds Expectations" ALL PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN LOZOVSKY
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  • Burning Man 2012: A Fiery Heart
    For many, fire performance and art form the heart of Burning Man. The first conclave-wide fire choreography from 2004 was referred to as the pulse, and a relationship with fire is seen throughout the art, art cars, and performances throughout the week. Here is a small sample of fire culture at...
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  • No Pants Subway Ride 2012
    Improv Everywhere, the New York City-based "prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places," organizes this mission, which involves random passengers who act as if they don't know each other and board a subway car at separate stops without pants. See past year's photos...
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  • NYE at Whorehouse
    Nate "Igor" Smith started 2012 off dirty with a pit stop at the underground "Whorehouse" party thrown at the Shank-associated warehouse space El Dorado.
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  • Burning Angel's 2011 New Year's Party (NSFW)
    Joanna Angel and her comrades in alt-porn hosted a "Sunset Strip-themed" New Year's Eve party at Greenpoint metal bar St. Vitus that inspired a few glam-themed outfits, and also the absence of any outfit at all. Photos by Nate "Igor" Smith.
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  • Coney Island Polar Bear Run
    A diverse array of crazy people dipped into the near-freezing waters off Coney Island this past New Year's Day. C.S. Muncy was there to photograph the enduring custom.
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  • Cheryl New Year's Eve Party
    2012's first Cheryl took place at Public Assembly. PHOTOS BY MARO HAGOPIAN
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  • Musto Occupies 2011
    For our final issue of 2011, Michael Musto reported back on a year rich in gossip. He also enjoyed his annual day of dress-up, playing the part of Occupiers, impeccable Tea Party Queens, and an eerily convincing simulacrum of The Donald. Photos by Chad Griffith.
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  • 2011's Finest Food Porn
    Enjoy a compendium of getting up close and personal with this year's most beautifully prepared (and delicious) platters in NYC.
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  • 2011 in Nightlife Photos (NSFW)
    Here's to celebrating a year's worth of debaucherous nights (and some days; this is New York, after all).
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  • The Best Photos of 2011
    Gays got to marry, the 99% lost their park, countless acts hit the stages, and people really loved wearing costumes. Lucky for you we were there to catch it all. Here it is: the best photos of 2011.
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