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  • Lloyd Kaufman and the Class of Nuke 'Em High Reunite
    On January 10th, Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1 opened at Village East Cinema. Director Lloyd Kaufman did a Q&A, and Beauty Bar on 14th Street hosted the after party. ALL PHOTOS BY NATE "IGOR" SMITH Read More: Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1 review Lloyd Kaufman: The Toxic Director
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  • Closer Look: A Remote Arizona Church Offers Followers Peyote-Induced Psychedelic Trips
    Take a visual journey to Peyote Way Church of God. Although not a house of worship in the traditional sense -- there's no steeple, no ornate architecture, no flowing robes or pulpit -- Peyote Way is, in fact, a church. It was founded based on the beliefs of Peyotism, a Native American religion...
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  • Art and Pastrami: Mishka Celebrates Katz's 125th Birthday
    On January 7th, Mishka celebrated the 125th Anniversary of Katz's Deli with an art show of originally designed clothing for the restaurant. It was held at Katz's pop-up at 203 E. Houston Street and was delicious. ALL PHOTOS BY NATE "IGOR" SMITH
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  • Selected Village Voice Pazz & Jop Covers
    The cover of the Village Voice's Pazz & Jop issue: Kanye's been on it twice (so has Graham Parker), while most artists are one-and-done. Here's an incomplete collection of Voice covers from the week the of the Pazz & Jop issue, which comes out each year between mid January and as late as early...
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  • Ten Movies to Look Forward to in 2014
    As awards season draws nearer and best-of-the-year lists keep rolling in, there's only one thing left to do: get excited about what comes next. Here are ten films you won't want to miss in 2014. By Calum Marsh
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  • The Best New Bars in New York City
    This is a list that feels particularly celebratory (and, um, apropos going into a season where we could all use a little liquid courage to combat the post-holiday blues and the cold). That's right, it's our best new bars list. Presenting our favorite spots that opened in the last 12...
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  • Hercules Blankets New York in Snow
    On the evening of January 3rd, New Yorkers either slept or reveled (heeding or ignoring the new Mayor's call to stay inside) as the first major snowstorm of the season shrouded the region in snow. In Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, Herbert Von King Park was quiet but for the occasional midnight wanderer,...
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  • Warm Up With a Buenos Aires New Year's Bash
    As we brace for a blizzard here in New York, warm up with the party people of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They celebrated New Year's Eve at Niceto in Palermo for Fiesta Piso Compartido. ALL PHOTOS BY LAURA JUNE KIRSCH
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  • Ringing the New Year in With Style in Williamsburg
    Minimalism is going to be big in 2014, or at least we think it is after checking out the "No Frills" New Year's Eve loft party in Williamsburg featuring Kaviar Disco Club, Soul 2 Seoul, and more. ALL PHOTOS BY NICKYDIGITAL.COM
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  • The Village Voice's Best Covers from 2013
    Our favorite covers this year, hand-selected by Associate Art Director Jesus Diaz and Voice Media Group Editorial Design Director Tom Carlson.
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  • The Best Books of 2013
    Voice scribes offer their recommendations from the year Read More: Our Favorite Books of 2013
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  • James Franco's Year, Ranked
    It's a long-running joke that James Franco is a busy guy -- not just in the film industry, but it academia and the arts. Voice Film Critics have ranked James Franco's 2013 for you, the discerning, uhh, Franco-phile. Click on the link to read more about the project. See also: The Top 20 Films...
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