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  • "Lose Your Shit" Loft Party
    People dressed like Santa for DJ $mall Change's party in Williamsburg and to watch hoola hoopers, fire jugglers, and ladies hanging from the ceiling. Warning: Graphic proof of reindeer-Santa hybrids in this slideshow.
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  • SantaCon NYC 2009
    There were multiple different starting points for this year's SantaCon: Hoboken, Astoria, two in Brooklyn. Our photographer Paul Quintoriano started with a group in Crown Heights at a bar called Franklin Park, which went over to the Brooklyn Museum, then to Stone Street in the Financial...
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  • Tck Tck Tck Party at the Wired Store
    Another night at the Wired Store yielded a set by Theophilus London, another by James Burke, a whole bunch of his model friends, as well as an appearance by Abel Ferrara. The reception was held in support of Tck Tck Tck, Kofi Annan's fight against global warming initiative.
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  • A New Yorker's View of Art Basel 2009
    Since 2002, Art Basel Miami Beach has slowly usurped the original Art Basel (in Basel, Switzerland) in size, popularity, and importance. There are numerous alternative fairs, such as Scope, Pulse and NADA, in other parts of town. There are also parties. Lots and lots of parties.
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  • 2009's Best Graphic Novels
    Yeah, yeah, the Internet is killing the printed page. But these four-color inks may yet rescue publishing from the gray dawn of Kindle-dom. Read R.C. Barker's round-up of this year's best.
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  • BowieBall NYC 2009
    The fifth annual David-Bowie-themed bash and costume party went down on Saturday, December 5 at Le Poisson Rouge with a fashion show and DJ sets by Josh Madden, Michael T, Justine D, and Johnny Dynell.
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  • Choice C-Words, November 2009
    The ladies who like ladies took over Santos' Party House for another night of mayhem.
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  • Sarah Palin: Going Rote
    Ward Sutton gives us a quick slog through the ex-Governor's highly quotable exercise in ghost-writing, so that we don't have to read it ourselves.
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  • November 2009 in Photos (NSFW)
    Old men without pants, young men without pants, 28 varieties of chili, and a really awesome shark mask. November 2009 in photos.
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  • Andrew WK at Happy Ending's 66Sick
    The weekly Tuesday party 66Sick rang in its second-and-a-half year anniversary with a live screamathon by Andrew WK and a five-pound tub of gummy worms in place of vodka for the alcohol-free host, Josh Madden.
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  • Dances of Vice... on a Boat
    The three day Dances of Vice festival kicked off its weekend with a boat tour on The Rose for a night of elaborate costumes and performances by puppeteers, belly dancers, the Ragwater Revue, and sometime Dresden Dolls drummer Brian Viglione.
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  • Chili Takedown 2009
    Twenty-eight contestants competed this Sunday, November 22 at Bell House to be called the greatest chili in the room, and to win some cool schwag from Brooklyn Kitchen.
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