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  • Choice C-Words, November 2009
    The ladies who like ladies took over Santos' Party House for another night of mayhem.
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  • Sarah Palin: Going Rote
    Ward Sutton gives us a quick slog through the ex-Governor's highly quotable exercise in ghost-writing, so that we don't have to read it ourselves.
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  • November 2009 in Photos (NSFW)
    Old men without pants, young men without pants, 28 varieties of chili, and a really awesome shark mask. November 2009 in photos.
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  • Andrew WK at Happy Ending's 66Sick
    The weekly Tuesday party 66Sick rang in its second-and-a-half year anniversary with a live screamathon by Andrew WK and a five-pound tub of gummy worms in place of vodka for the alcohol-free host, Josh Madden.
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  • Dances of Vice... on a Boat
    The three day Dances of Vice festival kicked off its weekend with a boat tour on The Rose for a night of elaborate costumes and performances by puppeteers, belly dancers, the Ragwater Revue, and sometime Dresden Dolls drummer Brian Viglione.
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  • Chili Takedown 2009
    Twenty-eight contestants competed this Sunday, November 22 at Bell House to be called the greatest chili in the room, and to win some cool schwag from Brooklyn Kitchen.
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  • Wired Store Opening
    Moby, Chris Noth, Nicole Atkins, Brian McGraw, and that guy from 30 Rock all stopped by for the opening of Wired's fourth annual pop-up store, which will remain open in the Meatpacking District until December 28.
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  • Miss G Train
    Love it or hate it, the G train—the subway line that connects Queens to Brooklyn—is having a moment, of sorts. A fresh take on the Miss Subways Pageant, the first-ever Miss G Train Pageant took place last night at the City Reliquary in Williamsburg. Here're 10 of the 11 contestants. More abo...
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  • Adult Entertainment Expo (NSFW)
    The stars of the adult world donned enough to legally be seen in public (for the most part) and their fans flocked to snap cell-phone shots for a celebration of convention center proportions. Live from Las Vegas, photos from our very own Nate "Igor" Smith.
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  • Armer, Darkcloud, Goreb at Factory Fresh
    "A Hounding Obsession," a group show at this Bushwick gallery, opened on Friday, November 13.
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  • Chaos at the Candy Rain Mag Benefit
    Mayhem ensued at 171 Lombardy at a benefit that included a performance by Gut for Garters, an assault (so to speak) on the stage by the partygoers, and free entry for those who showed their junk at the door.
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  • Mr. Lower East Side 2009
    The 12th annual Mr. LES pageant took place on Thursday, November 12 at Bowery Poetry Club. Reverend Jen organized, Bored To Death's Jonathan Ames and Jason Schwartzman showed, and Mangina "performed." Alas, the Man with the plastic vag didn't win.
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