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  • BowieBall NYC 2009
    The fifth annual David-Bowie-themed bash and costume party went down on Saturday, December 5 at Le Poisson Rouge with a fashion show and DJ sets by Josh Madden, Michael T, Justine D, and Johnny Dynell.
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  • Choice C-Words, November 2009
    The ladies who like ladies took over Santos' Party House for another night of mayhem.
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  • Sarah Palin: Going Rote
    Ward Sutton gives us a quick slog through the ex-Governor's highly quotable exercise in ghost-writing, so that we don't have to read it ourselves.
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  • November 2009 in Photos (NSFW)
    Old men without pants, young men without pants, 28 varieties of chili, and a really awesome shark mask. November 2009 in photos.
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  • Andrew WK at Happy Ending's 66Sick
    The weekly Tuesday party 66Sick rang in its second-and-a-half year anniversary with a live screamathon by Andrew WK and a five-pound tub of gummy worms in place of vodka for the alcohol-free host, Josh Madden.
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  • Dances of Vice... on a Boat
    The three day Dances of Vice festival kicked off its weekend with a boat tour on The Rose for a night of elaborate costumes and performances by puppeteers, belly dancers, the Ragwater Revue, and sometime Dresden Dolls drummer Brian Viglione.
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  • Chili Takedown 2009
    Twenty-eight contestants competed this Sunday, November 22 at Bell House to be called the greatest chili in the room, and to win some cool schwag from Brooklyn Kitchen.
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  • Wired Store Opening
    Moby, Chris Noth, Nicole Atkins, Brian McGraw, and that guy from 30 Rock all stopped by for the opening of Wired's fourth annual pop-up store, which will remain open in the Meatpacking District until December 28.
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  • Miss G Train
    Love it or hate it, the G train—the subway line that connects Queens to Brooklyn—is having a moment, of sorts. A fresh take on the Miss Subways Pageant, the first-ever Miss G Train Pageant took place last night at the City Reliquary in Williamsburg. Here're 10 of the 11 contestants. More abo...
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  • Adult Entertainment Expo (NSFW)
    The stars of the adult world donned enough to legally be seen in public (for the most part) and their fans flocked to snap cell-phone shots for a celebration of convention center proportions. Live from Las Vegas, photos from our very own Nate "Igor" Smith.
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  • Armer, Darkcloud, Goreb at Factory Fresh
    "A Hounding Obsession," a group show at this Bushwick gallery, opened on Friday, November 13.
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  • Chaos at the Candy Rain Mag Benefit
    Mayhem ensued at 171 Lombardy at a benefit that included a performance by Gut for Garters, an assault (so to speak) on the stage by the partygoers, and free entry for those who showed their junk at the door.
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