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  • "The Sunday Show" at the Slipper Room (NSFW)
    After the fire-hoola-hooping and fire-swallowing, the naked Michael Jackson impersonator fucking a baby doll, and the chick who blew a candle out with her vagina, the boob parade at the Slipper Room's "Sunday Show" felt like the wholesome part of the program.
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  • Choice Cunts, Again
    The most recent episode of everyone's favorite lovely lady party took place at Williamsburg's Kalli Lounge and featured DJ Lesbian Van Halen, DJ Soho making out, and Long Island Roller Rebels dressed up as zombies.
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  • The Alternate History of Kurt Cobain
    Ward "All Apologies" Sutton offers up In Bloom, an alternate take on the life and times of everyone's favorite dead grunge idol.
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  • MSTRKRFT at Webster Hall
    Last week, MSTRKRFT and the Bloody Beetroots played Webster Hall, dudes chugged bottles of whiskey, and girls posed for Nate "Igor" Smith's merciless flash photography.
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  • The World's Most Photographed Party?
    LVHRD's PHTHRD III was LVHRD's attempt to throw the world's most photographed party, a feat currently being evaluated by the Universal Record Database. Kaiju Big Battel one-upped the night's novelty factor with a surprise appearance.
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  • Pillow Fight on Wall Street
    With a heavy police presence, dozens of photographers, and gawking pedestrians, World Pillow Fight Day 2009 found its voice outside the New York Stock exchange, where 45 minutes was enough time for hundreds to converge, battle, and leave a flurry of white feathers in their wake.
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  • The Roots Live at the Highline
    The Roots, perhaps hip-hop's most deified live act, have confined their tour bus route to the lonely 100 miles or so between Philly and New York City, having tied their future success and viability to Jimmy Fallon's Late Night show. Somehow that still leaves room for performances, as they...
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  • Red Bull Party
    Red Bull threw a blowout party at South by Southwest with Monotonix and an appearance by DJ Diabetic a/k/a Shepard Fairey.
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  • Bacon Takedown
    On Sunday, March 29, Williamsburg's Radegast Hall & Beer Garden hosted the Bacon Takedown, a fierce competition that saw bacon cupcakes, bacon wedding cakes, bacon tamales, bacon ice cream, cured bacon, rolled bacon, baked bacon and various other permutations of pig spread out on tables, eaten,...
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  • Topshop's Manic Opening
    The line starting at the intersection of Broadway and Broome appeared to be at least several hundred shoppers deep. Leading the fist-pumping cheers was a skinny spokeswoman with a thick British accent on a microphone. "We have Topshop!" screamed the woman. "We have Topshop!" the crowd screamed...
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  • Ring of Honor
    Ring of Honor, the professional wrestling company that orchestrated many of the most memorable scenes in The Wrestler, recently rolled its motley crew of beefy, Spandex-wearing men (plus a couple of super-tough ladies) into Hammerstein Ballroom. Earlier, we asked five questions to The...
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  • March 2009 in Photos (NSFW)
    From South by Southwest to the a moustache competition to a gay pool party, welcome back our honored tradition of month in photos!
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