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  • Month in Photos: November 2008
    Zombie boobs, turkey boobs, the first black President, that dude from Entourage: welcome to November!
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  • The Gentleman Boxer: Tor Hamer
    With a marquee-ready name, the 25-year-old Penn State grad might throw off professional pugilism's miserable recent record and bring back those rarest of days: the epoch of the educated, erudite gentleman boxer. More about Tor Hamer here.
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  • "A Maze" at Factory Fresh
    A seven-foot-tall labyrinth of work from Celso, Infinity, Stikman, LA II (Little Angel Ortiz) and C-Beauty group opened recently at Bushwick's Factory Fresh. The show will be open until November 30.
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  • "Spring Jungle" at Cielo
    The elegant fashion show soon gave way to a raucous after-party, with models and halter-topped civilians getting down until 4am.
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  • "Adidas Originals House Party" in Williamsburg
    For the brand's 60th anniversary, the entire front of a warehouse building on North 10th and Wythe was draped with a print of a giant cartoon house. Inside there were two levels, both big open spaces, with set-like rooms and vintage furnishings—a kitchen, living room, dining rooms, with fre...
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  • Click and Drag Cyber Fetish Party (NSFW)
    Click + Drag, probably the only party that mixes cyber fetish, drag, art performances, and visual installations (can you name another?), got a mega update by its founders, Rob Roth and Chi Chi Valenti, who took over two floors of Santos Party House for their hallucinogenic extravaganza.
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  • Girl Talk at Terminal 5!
    And the toilet-paper leaf blowers return, along with fake cops, gyrating girls, and pop-song snippets. On Saturday, November 15, Girl Talk—the nom de DJ of Pittsburgh native Gregg Gillis—headlined Terminal 5 with his plastic wrapped PC, drawing a legion of short shorts, neon, and buckets of sweat.
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  • Smut, a Deliciously Indecent Art Party
    The Lowbrow Society for the Arts opened a show at the Southside Speakeasy in Williamsburg featuring the work of Nicky Devine, Baby Sinead, Najy, and our esteemed party photographer Nate "Igor" Smith, as well as raunchy go-go dancing by Burning Angel's Ariel. Just your average Thursday in the Burg.
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  • AC/DC at Madison Square Garden
    "We're going to mix it up a bit," said Brian Johnson early on. And, bless his heart, he was lying. More about Angus Young and the band last night here. Photos by David Atlas.
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  • Zombies and Meat Hooks (NSFW)
    Powdering up your face and slapping on some stage blood isn't a seasonal gag so much as a lifestyle for some who celebrated World Zombie Day, a day of undead celebration that involved showing your zombie boobs and hanging yourself to dry from meathooks.
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  • Glamdammit Rocky Horror Tribute
    Pleather, jock straps, man-bellies: welcome to the Glamdammit tribute for that most iconic of cross-dressing horror musicals, held at Don Hill's.
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  • Spoofing Shepard Fairey's Obama "Hope" Posters
    Shepard Fairey's Barack "Hope" design might be 2008’s most seminal image—his nomination in TIME's Top 100 Most Influential People poll is most certainly forthcoming. But the poster's also become a hugely popular design to lampoon. Here're the best 25 parodies out there.
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