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  • "Read My Lipstick" — a Palin Rally in St. Louis
    After the debate wrapped up on Thursday night, Sarah "Wink Wink!" Palin greeted supporters at Saint Louis University's Chaifetz Arena. There were pitbull jokes, hockey moms, and, naturally, a Sarah Palin lookalike. New Yorkers, aren't you glad you've chosen cockroaches over this? More coverage...
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  • September '08 in Photos (NSFW)
    Remember September? Fashion week, naked chicks, Alan Cumming, and the Mormon guy from Real World: Brooklyn getting corrupted? Don't worry, we'll jog your memory.
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  • 'Gossip Girl' and Shoes
    Marshalls held a Union Square press conference on Thursday, October 2 that inexplicably combined Leighton Meester, domestic violence, and high heels. Apparently if you buy shoes at the department store the first-half of this month, a percentage of your purchase goes to helping "put an end to...
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  • New York Anime Fest
    This weekend, the second annual Anime Fest took place at the Jacob Javits Center where cosplayers dressed up like characters from Bleach, Odinsphere, and, confusingly, the KISS Army. Here're some of the most interesting costumes we saw this weekend. More about the Anime Fest here.
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  • Austin City Limits
    One of the biggest music festivals in the U.S. went off without a hitch this weekend in Austin's Zilker Park. The Raconteurs, Foo Fighters, and Vampire Weekend too.
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  • Choice Cunts!
    On the last Saturday night of every month, Choice Cunts—a "raw party for rare queers"—takes place. Our intrepid photographer Maro documented the party at the Kalli Lounge in Williamsburg.
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  • Another A-List Celebrity Comes Out Against Palin
    And it's not whom you might think. Cartoon by Mr. Fish
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  • New York Burlesque Festival
    Burlesque dancers competed with monikers in tow for the coveted Golden Pasties awards at the New York Burlesque Festival on September 21 at S.O.B.'s in Manhattan.
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  • Videogame Superfans
    GameFly, the Netflix of videogames, is searching for one exceptionally enthusiastic gamer to star in an upcoming commercial spot. They held tryouts in New York City this week—an up-close look the contenders.
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  • All Tomorrow's Parties New York
    Thirty-five bands play the first ever upstate New York festival in a country club that's like The Shining meets Cocoon.
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  • Cartoonist Ward Sutton Reviews Philip Roth's 25th Novel
    "There is some shit I will not eat" - e.e. cummings, via Philip Roth
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  • EXXXotica New York (NSFW!)
    EXXXotica is a three-day "erotic event" that brings the porn stars to the people for pillow-fighting, wrestling, whipping, and run-ins with Ron Jeremy. This year it took place in the New Jersey Convention Center after the event was kicked out of the Meadowlands.
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