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  • Girl Talk Pool Party
    The East River Park hit its 8,500 person capacity for Girl Talk's free show on Sunday, and he brought enough of them up onstage to dance and to "break the stage," as he quipped. After something knocked out the power, teenie boppers booed and hissed until someone plugged back in, and Mr. Gregg...
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  • West Indian Day Parade, 2009
    The West Indian American Day Carnival Parade went off yesterday with the usual huge crowds and spectacular costumes, floats and sound trucks. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell served as Grand Marshal, Governor Paterson marched, thousands reveled, cops watched.
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  • House of Latex Ball
    House of Latex, a ballroom/party group within the LGBT community that doubles as an HIV-prevention and awareness organization, packed Roseland Ballroom for a huge party one August weekend.
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  • Naval Battle in Queens!
    Duke Riley spent his time as resident artist at Queen's Museum of Art constructing a flotilla of fighting vessels from which representatives of museums from across the city fought with baggettes and watermelon canons in the melted ice rink in Corona Park. (Queens Museum won.)
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  • Banned!, a "Traveling Queer Party"
    Banned—self-billed as a "traveling queer party" with the tagline, "We like to move"—recently took place at the East River Bar in Williamsburg. John Cameron Mitchell showed. The next one takes place Friday, August 28 at Coco 66 in Greenpoint.
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  • Jetlag at Beauty Bar (NSFW)
    That Andy Rourke (the one who was in the Smiths) hosts a party at Beauty Bar on Wednesdays with Greg Mishka and Ole Koretsky. Nate "Igor" Smith caught one of the last ones ever, as did Playboy Bunny Jelena Jensen.
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  • Williamsburg Pool Party with Del the Funky Homosapien
    A hot sun graced East River State Park for performances by dd/mm/yyyy, Gravy Train!!!!, Kenan Bell, a DJ set by Prince Paul, and Del the Funky Homosapien.
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  • The Many Comic-Book Faces of Obama
    The Obama-Joker-Socialist Thing nearly caused blog riots. But this isn't certainly isn't the first time Our President has been PhotoShop-spoofed. He's been an action figure, a viral symbol of HOPE, and Lex Luthor's BFF—it's all part of the job.
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  • Madonnathon 2009
    Last year may have marked Madonna's big five-oh, but her 51st birthday passed this weekend with a "bigger and better" Madonnathon than ever before, full of cover tributes and black Like A Virgin tank tops.
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