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  • Siren Festival: The People
    The faces from the Voice's annual music festival held on Saturday, July 18 at Coney Island. Photos by Nate "Igor" Smith
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  • Harry Potter Fanatics Unite in NYC!
    There are fans, and then there are those who don wigs, capes, and eye wear, arrive at 2pm for a midnight showing of Harry Potter's latest, and may or may not try to fly broom sticks when no one's looking. Ben Beitler investigates.
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  • Ward Sutton Makes the Case for Posters as Art (Or Junk)
    A cartoon review of Died Young, Stayed Pretty, a documentary film about show posters that opens at the IFC Film Center July 17. A poster show in conjunction with the film occurs July 16 at 303 Grand Street in Brooklyn. Read another take on the doc here.
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  • Wet Hot Brooklyn Summer (NSFW)
    Wet Hot Brooklyn Summer is a party at Public Assembly that last week featured performances by Hearts Revolution, Anton Glamb, Ray Contour, Memberz Only, Star City, and Jane Bang, among others, including the obligatory Ninjasonik cameo.
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  • Tube Dueling in McCarren Park
    What started out as your average tube duelin' one-on-one tournament devolved into a "tube melee," for there were many tubes to be destroyed, and only so many brave, cardboard-armored tube warriors.
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  • The Summer's First Pool Party with Mission of Burma
    The first relocated Pool Party at the East River State Park featured blistering sets by Mission of Burma, Fucked Up, and Ponytail, as well as dodge ball matches, smartly dressed state police, and the chance to body surf for about half a mile. More about the show here.
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  • The Arsenal Opens in Williamsburg
    With a silent auction of work by more than 25 artists, a performance by Jeff Taylor, and a whole lot of cheap booze, the Arsenal, a new art gallery in Williamsburg, opened its doors last week.
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  • Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest 2009
    It was a banner year at the 2009 contest at Coney Island, setting new world recordsó68 hot dogs!
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  • Choice Cunts June 2009
    What better opportunity to walk around in a pair of panties with "No Way Jose!" printed on the ass than another installment of the monthly lady fest with a name that says it all.
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  • June 2009 in Photos (NSFW)
    10,000 people flock to a barbecue at Madison Square Park, yuppies invade Bushwick, and hippies pee in bags to see Phish at Bonnaroo: people will do surprising things, but at least we got pictures.
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  • Last Rated X Ever (NSFW)
    After "six years of filth," countless hot body contests, and the omnipresent mug of one Michael T, Rated X called it quits last Saturday at Don Hill's.
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  • Vandam Pride After-Party
    Michael Musto hosted an off-the-wall Vandam Sunday at Greenhouse (the "I Do/I Amsterdam" edition), in which a gay couple, a lesbian couple, and a straight couple were married, all in the wake of the day's Pride festivities.
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