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  • New York Comic Con
    Meet Chewbacca, Wolverine, and a few of the other spectacularly vivid attendees who invaded the Jacob Javits Center this weekend. More of our Comic Con coverage here.
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  • Westminster Dog Show 2009
    Dog kisses, pooch crotch shots, and women in canine cages at Madison Square Gardenójust another year at everyone's favorite animal show. Photos by Rebecca Smeyne
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  • RedBull Snowscrapers and Anthrax on the East River
    On Friday, February 6, RedBull sponsored a professional snowboarding competition on the East River that featured Anthrax (with a guest appearance by Chuck D) and a snowboarding ramp ten shipping containers tall. The winner took home $50k.
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  • Cole Porter Burlesque
    Amber Ray and Bleeding Hearts Burlesque presented "Let's Misbehave in the Flesh," a Cole Porter Tribute, at the Living Theater on Friday, January 30th.
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  • Brooklyn Bar Crawl
    A night in the life of four Williamsburg venues, two different birthdays (including one for a now-42-year-old Michael T), and one intrepid party photographer. Welcome to February.
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  • Fucked Up!
    Celebrating the tentative dawn of a brave new era on Inauguration Day with Fucked Up. Read the full article by Rob Harvilla here.
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  • Idiotarod 2009
    The Idiotarod is one of the rare New York events that combines uninhibited public drinking, elaborately designed shopping carts, sinister "sabotage" plots (think: bowling balls and chains), good natured cops with bolt cutters, and a cutthroat sprint across the city.
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  • Best of Sundance 2009
    Robert Redford, Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher cavorted around Park City, Utah during another year of high-profile premieres, green fairies, and David Archuleta cameos. Also, our film critic's coverage of Sundance.
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  • January 2009 in Photos (NSFW)
    From celebrities at Sundance to a punk band on Inauguration Day to porn stars at AVN, the first month of 2009 was completely unforgettable. Just look.
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  • Chinese New Year: Firecracker Ceremony
    On Monday, January 26, New Yorkers celebrated the Year of the Ox with the annual firecracker ceremony at Sara Roosevelt Park. Boom!
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  • Matt and Kim at Home
    Brooklyn's immensely likable clap-punk blast live in Williamsburg, in a railroad flat near the endlessly whooshing BQE ("our ocean"). Their new record is called Grand, an 11-song spectacular named after the street where they've lived for four and a half years. They invited us to their home to...
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  • Choice Cunts, January 2009
    Once a month, Choice Cunts takes place at the Kalli Lounge in Williamsburg. Last time, the monthly party met with some genuine bar-brawlingójust another night in the life of everybody's favorite "raw party for rare queers."
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