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  • Vandam Pride After-Party
    Michael Musto hosted an off-the-wall Vandam Sunday at Greenhouse (the "I Do/I Amsterdam" edition), in which a gay couple, a lesbian couple, and a straight couple were married, all in the wake of the day's Pride festivities.
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  • Pride Parade 2009
    Scenes from the Pride Parade on Sunday, June 29.
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  • Gaia and Imminent Disaster at Ad Hoc
    On Friday, June 26, Ad Hoc Art hosted an opening night party for its latest exhibition for street artists Gaia and Imminent Disaster.
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  • Mermaid Parade 2009
    Rain wasn't enough to halt the 27th annual Mermaid Parade, as men and ladies of the sea promenaded down the Coney Island boardwalk. Here are 15 exuberantly gorgeous faces from this year's fish-lady parade.
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  • Folsom St. East Leather Street Fest (NSFW)
    For just $10 anyone can attend New York’s "premiere s/m-leather-fetish themed street festival" clad in anything from a pair of sneakers and ass-less chaps to full-body leather, ready to flog or be flogged.
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  • Erotica Convention (NSFW)
    Our intrepid party photographer Nate "Igor" Smith spent last week in Los Angeles, where he shot a porn convention. Joanna Angel, Belladonna, and Jenna Hayze were there, as were lots of looooong lollipops.
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  • The Hippies of Bonnaroo 2009
    Justin Reynolds and Araceli Cruz share some images and observations about just exactly who attends this muddy, massive party in Manchester, TN. Urine in a bag!
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  • Air Sex Championships
    Friday's dry-humping spectacular at the Highline Ballroom featured air sex routines from 13 contestants competing for a chance to represent New York in the yet-to-be-determined Air Sex World Championship.
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  • Big Apple BBQ
    The seven-year-running Snapple Big Apple BBQ at Madison Square Park brings in a reported hundred thousand barbecue enthusiasts, who enjoy meat prepared by some of the best chefs in the country.
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  • 20 Best Stoned Faces of All Time (Or at Least the Past Six Months)
    We're not saying they are stoned, even if some of these folks happened to be photographed at a High Times event or a hippie bonanza like Bonnaroo. But that dopey-eyed, obliterated, squinty-face caught forever on camera is always a hoot. Here are some of our favorites we've captured in the last...
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  • Brooklyn's Northside Festival
    Northside Festival was the L Magazine's flagship stab at a homegrown music festival for the Williamsburg-Greenpoint area featuring 50 local venues and dozens of bands and running from Thursday through Sunday.
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  • Rated X (NSFW)
    You know we're all looking for something to smile about when Susan Boyle's trounced the internet and some fat dude just took home the hot body contest bacon, so to speak. Michael T hosts another installment of the ever-lasting party.
    12 images
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