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  • Doze Green and Blek le Rat at Jonathan Levine
    French stencil artist Blek le Rat opened a joint show with old-school street legend Doze Green at the Jonathan Levine Gallery on Saturday, October 18 in Chelsea. Here's a peek of the work.
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  • NYC Big Wheel Race
    Already in its eighth year in San Francisco, the Big Wheel Race came to Central Park on Saturday courtesy of Zombie Unicorn with help from Newmindspace, the urban-arts collective renowned for putting on bubble battles and pillow fights, in the name of reclaiming public space. Participants took...
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  • Best Spectator Sport: Women's Turkish Oil Wrestling
    It's not exactly dry humping if you're lubed up with oil, but close enough. The event is Women's Turkish Oil Wrestling, and the concept is self-explanatory: Strip down, oil up, get in the rink, wrap your thighs around another girl’s face, and scream. More about Women's Turkish Oil Wrestling here.
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  • Best of NYC 2008: Arts & Entertainment
    Best Girl-on-Girl Theatrical Action, Best Disco Revival, and more of the stupidly stupendous cultural things this city has to offer.
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  • Best of NYC 2008
    The Street is Dead—long live the streets! This year's Best Of's explores the people, places, foods, fashions, bands, and bizarre public happenings that help our city grow and adapt and innovate.
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  • Leather Festival in the West Village
    Leather is more than dried skin off a cow. It's a subculture that relishes in dark themes: skulls, brass knuckles, boot-licking, and quality time with your fellow fetishists. This past Sunday, at the LGBT Community Center, the gang was all there—and "looking forward to having you... literally,...
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  • Best of NYC: Bars & Clubs
    Best Place to Grope a Bear, Best Drag-Queen Makeover, Best Display of Marketing Genius, and many more to whet your palette for our selection of New York's Best Clubs and Bars of 2008.
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  • The Diesel XXX Party: M.I.A.'s Preggers
    On Saturday, Diesel celebrated its 30th year in existence with performances by a pregnant M.I.A., T.I., N.E.R.D., and noticeable non-acronyms Franz Ferdinand and Hot Chip. They also had girls hanging from the party tent's rafters and 18 other celebrations across the globe. Who says the...
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  • Dogs... with Pants!
    Dachshund owners gathered in Union Square last Saturday to dress their dogs up as lobsters and Obama supporters. If you are employed at PETA, this stuff is totally NSFW.
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  • Banksy's West Village Pet Store
    Banksy has been in New York recently. This week, the brilliantly elusive art-world icon opened his first real NYC exhibition on Seventh Avenue: an animatronic pet store with swimming fish-sticks, living Chicken McNuggets, and nuzzling hot dogs. Welcome to Banksy's land.
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  • Rock & Rescue Benefit with AdRock and Gina Gershon
    Debbie Harry, along with AdRock and Gina Gershon, hosted a benefit concert for Rational Animal, an organization aimed at ending the euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals. Jesse Malin (with a Moby appearance), Lissy Trullie, Earl Greyhound, Bloody Social and Dead Four Living all performed...
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  • Lovely Ladies of Lollapalooza
    Over the August 3rd weekend, Lollapalooza stormed into Chicago. Unfortunately, the storm was literal as rain pounded Grant Park on Saturday. The horrible weather didn't last, and these lovely ladies dressed for fun in the sun prove that. ALL PHOTOS BY LAURA JUNE KIRSCH See More From...
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