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  • Cartoonist Ward Sutton Reviews Philip Roth's 25th Novel
    "There is some shit I will not eat" - e.e. cummings, via Philip Roth
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  • EXXXotica New York (NSFW!)
    EXXXotica is a three-day "erotic event" that brings the porn stars to the people for pillow-fighting, wrestling, whipping, and run-ins with Ron Jeremy. This year it took place in the New Jersey Convention Center after the event was kicked out of the Meadowlands.
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  • G-Star Raw Fashion Week Party
    Fashion week is a time for celebrities and fashionistas to gather 'round a social cause (and the hors d'oeuvres table) and drink plenty of champagne. This year, Perry Farrell, Heather Graham, Danny Masterson, Q-Tip, and more hit the G-Star fashion show at the Park Avenue Armory last week.
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  • "4Geezers" Opening at Ad Hoc Art
    The Bushwick gallery played host to four eminent European street artists who, with their full-grown facial hair and ability to drink alcohol legally, can safely be considered geezers. Flying Fortress (Germany), Eine (UK), Pez (Spain) and London Police (Amsterdam) will have work at 49 Bogart...
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  • The 'Real World: Brooklyn' Cast Revealed!
    So there's thing called the Real World? That's filming in Red Hook? And is ostensibly important? Guess so: spectators went apeshit when the Brooklyn cast showed up to a Semi Precious Weapons fashion-week soiree at Rebel. Here's what we know about them so far.
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  • New York Couture Fashion Week Party
    New York Couture—a stylistic mishmash of punk-rock cool, ultra-glam, and prima ballerina styles—showed off its wares at Mansion. Photos by Nate 'Igor' Smith.
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  • Glamdammit Four-Year Anniversary
    On Saturday, Don Hill's played host to the four year anniversary of the weekly party with an ongoing adoration of all things Glam.
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  • Rococo Party at Ten Eleven
    Rococo was France's 18th-century answer to minimal luxury condos and Crate and Barrel accoutrements: the interior space as a pricey work of art. These days its a euphemism for powdering up, throwing on that wig and getting your late-period Bach on. Maro documents.
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  • Fashion Week Begins. . . On the Brooklyn Bridge
    There were models and they did credibly work the wooden-planked walkway. But models don't usually share their catwalk with speeding bicyclists, tourists, joggers, and weary commuters. More on the fashion show here.
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  • Labor Day Trash Vs. Rated X (NSFW)
    Nate 'Igor' Smith gets down with the holiday installment of a very naked Rated X Panty Party at Don Hill's.
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  • West Indian Day Parade
    As scantily clad celebrants displayed their proud plumage and the sun shone down, the West Indian Day Parade went down Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights. More about the annual scene here.
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  • Fundraiser for Ex-Real World Star Kevin Powell
    The Brooklyn congressional candidate is almost as well-known for his past violence against women as he is for his MTV stint. Can he overcome it? Last week, he tested the waters by hosting a "Women for Kevin Powell" party at the Canal Room. It was pretty much a flop. More about Powell's...
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