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  • Dogs... with Pants!
    Dachshund owners gathered in Union Square last Saturday to dress their dogs up as lobsters and Obama supporters. If you are employed at PETA, this stuff is totally NSFW.
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  • Banksy's West Village Pet Store
    Banksy has been in New York recently. This week, the brilliantly elusive art-world icon opened his first real NYC exhibition on Seventh Avenue: an animatronic pet store with swimming fish-sticks, living Chicken McNuggets, and nuzzling hot dogs. Welcome to Banksy's land.
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  • Rock & Rescue Benefit with AdRock and Gina Gershon
    Debbie Harry, along with AdRock and Gina Gershon, hosted a benefit concert for Rational Animal, an organization aimed at ending the euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals. Jesse Malin (with a Moby appearance), Lissy Trullie, Earl Greyhound, Bloody Social and Dead Four Living all performed...
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  • Lovely Ladies of Lollapalooza
    Over the August 3rd weekend, Lollapalooza stormed into Chicago. Unfortunately, the storm was literal as rain pounded Grant Park on Saturday. The horrible weather didn't last, and these lovely ladies dressed for fun in the sun prove that. ALL PHOTOS BY LAURA JUNE KIRSCH See More From...
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  • VH1 Hip Hop Honors Starring Flavor Flav, Mos Def, Tracy Morgan, and More
    VH1's Hip-Hop Honors basically seeks to triangulate the MTV Music Awards' hell-raising anarchy with the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame's backslapping reverence, inducting a class of older-to-progressively-newer-school luminaries every year and staging elaborate odd-couple tributes live onstage....
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  • A-Trak's Attack of the Unibros at Webster Hall
    Say no to tweezers! Kanye West's DJ A-Trak headlined Webster Hall last Friday with Berlin's Alexander Ridha, the German electro DJ and producer who labors under the moniker Boys Noize. More about the party here.
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  • Blood Manor, a NYC Haunted House
    Blood Manor, a terrifying haunted house on West 27th, opens this weekend. The handiwork of Jim Faro, Mike Rodriguez and Jimmy Lorenzo, the annual Manor serves up a "delectable dose of carnage" and a healthy portion of camp in dark winding passages past grasping creatures and bloody scenes. Scary!
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  • "The Outsiders," a Bowery Art Show from Banksy's Dealer
    This past weekend, Banksy's dealer Steve Lazarides opened a group show of work from the likes of Mark Jenkins, Bast, Faile, and Invader on the Bowery. The VIP sneak preview featured a Bible-thumping Ernie, a Zevs cameo, and a live-nude painting.
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  • "Read My Lipstick" — a Palin Rally in St. Louis
    After the debate wrapped up on Thursday night, Sarah "Wink Wink!" Palin greeted supporters at Saint Louis University's Chaifetz Arena. There were pitbull jokes, hockey moms, and, naturally, a Sarah Palin lookalike. New Yorkers, aren't you glad you've chosen cockroaches over this? More coverage...
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  • September '08 in Photos (NSFW)
    Remember September? Fashion week, naked chicks, Alan Cumming, and the Mormon guy from Real World: Brooklyn getting corrupted? Don't worry, we'll jog your memory.
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  • 'Gossip Girl' and Shoes
    Marshalls held a Union Square press conference on Thursday, October 2 that inexplicably combined Leighton Meester, domestic violence, and high heels. Apparently if you buy shoes at the department store the first-half of this month, a percentage of your purchase goes to helping "put an end to...
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  • New York Anime Fest
    This weekend, the second annual Anime Fest took place at the Jacob Javits Center where cosplayers dressed up like characters from Bleach, Odinsphere, and, confusingly, the KISS Army. Here're some of the most interesting costumes we saw this weekend. More about the Anime Fest here.
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