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  • Fundraiser for Ex-Real World Star Kevin Powell
    The Brooklyn congressional candidate is almost as well-known for his past violence against women as he is for his MTV stint. Can he overcome it? Last week, he tested the waters by hosting a "Women for Kevin Powell" party at the Canal Room. It was pretty much a flop. More about Powell's...
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  • August in Photos (NSFW)
    August happened. The Voice has pictures of skaters, breasts, and shit to prove it.
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  • The 'Piss Christ' Artist's Shitty Show
    Andres Serrano shot 66 different piles of doo-doo dumped by as many animals. He's blown the photos up to eight feet high and plans to hang them the walls of the Yvon Lambert Gallery beginning September 4. More about Serrano's show here.
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  • LA Riots at Girls and Boys Party
    LA Riots have made remixes for The Ting Tings and Weezer. Girls and Boys is a weekly party at Arlo & Esme. 'Nuff said.
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  • Kustom Kills & Hot-Rod Thrills Rumblers Car Show
    Many people love their cars, but it takes a true enthusiast to wax your hair like it's 1954 to match your vintage ride. For the Rumblers, Saturday, August 23 was another day as a greaser, with members of the car club traveling from as far as Toronto to gather under the BQE with barbers and...
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  • Japanther on the Williamsburg Bridge
    Rock show? Hipster catwalk? Matt & Kim, Ninjasonik, Bikes in the Kitchen, Franki Chan... the usual suspects check in for a Japanther-on-the-bridge set cut short by, you guessed it, the good old NYPD.
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  • San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Celebrity Appearances
    San Diego Comic Con 2012 brought out stars of the hottest television series and new movies for panel discussions. Will Ferrell, Robert Downey Jr., Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Kristen Stewart, Robert Patinson, Mila Kunis, Tim Burton and many more actors attended. The cast of...
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  • The Last McCarren Pool Party: Yo La Tengo
    This past Sunday, the entrance line went on for what seemed like a mile, but it was all worth it to witness Hoboken's finest cover Sun Ra and jam with opener Titus Andronicus on the Misfits's "Where Eagles Dare." An excellent and exuberant swan song to a summer and series of free afternoon...
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  • Back to the Banks Skateboarding Competition
    The fourth annual competition took place this weekend under the Brooklyn Bridge, with amateur and professional skaters showing off their best tricks.
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  • Madonnathon: 50th Birthday Celebration
    The Material Girl's flock congregated at BB King this past Sunday, dressing in homage to her many iconic getups and celebrating the idol's golden anniversary.
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  • Rated X, The Panty Party (NSFW)
    Photographer Rebecca Smeyne hit Don Hill's for Michael T and Theo's infamous Hot Body contest, a 2am competition in which clubgoers get completely naked and show off their assets, all while vying for a $100 prize.
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  • Kill Shop Kill Opens in Williamsburg
    Nate 'Igor' Smith hit the Brooklyn boutique's opening night party and documented the brand-excess celebration, featuring cameos by Michael T, Jake Destruction, and Baby Sinead.
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