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  • We Are Still Recovering From the Bushwick Block Party
    On Saturday, July 27th, the Bushwick Block Party sectioned off part of Moore Street to host Action Bronson, beer, skateboarding, art, more music, more beer, and lots of fun. It was a blast. Why weren't you there? Oh, you were? Sorry, we must have missed you. ALL PHOTOS BY LAURA JUNE KIRSCH
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  • Alphabet City Beer Cruise Sets Sail, Three Sheets to the Wind
    On July 27th, Alphabet City Beer loaded up a sailboat with beer lovers and sailed around Manhattan. Sun, beer, and friends; what more could you ask for? Beer? Yeah, there was a lot of that too. ALL PHOTOS BY BRADLEY HAWKS
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  • Sembrado: A Mexico City-Style Taqueria in the East Village
    Last week, we spoke with Danny Mena about Sembrado, the Mexico City-style taqueria he just opened in the East Village, where he's serving a variety of grilled meat tacos plus tacos al pastor, carving pork from a slowly rotating spit. The bar specializes in mezcal, available in both cocktails...
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  • The Lovely Ladies of Cobrafest
    From July 19th-July 21st, Sailor Jerry's annual Cobrafest provided a wild alternative to all the other, tamer music festivals going on in Chicago. Our Nate "Igor" Smith was there, and he made a lot of friends. ALL PHOTOS BY NATE "IGOR" SMITH
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  • This Week in Film: July 26, 2013
    Woody Allen's latest movie, a role written specifically for Aubrey Plaza, an HBO documentary that's showing here first, the disappointing sci-fi return of Christian Slater, a look back at the insular friends of Friends and more in this week's Village Voice film section. See Also: - This Week...
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  • Street Soccer USA Cup 2013 in Times Square
    Street Soccer USA, an organization dedicated to developing life skills and positive outlooks for homeless people through soccer, hosted the 2013 National Cup in Times Square on Monday, July 22. The tournament was made up of teams from all over the country comprised of homeless people dedicated...
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  • CuriousJosh: Comic-Con Characters
    CuriousJosh brings you scenes from the L.A. Underground. This week CuriousJosh takes a Comic-Con residency at the Machinima, Ubisoft, and Anime Expo Lounge in San Diego's Fluxx nightclub capturing and collecting cosplay characters. Can you name the characters? See also: * The Walking Dead at...
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  • Cosplay Characters of San Diego Comic-Con
    Convention trends come and go, but at San Diego Comic-Con, you'll always see a lot of love for the blockbusters. There were no shortage of fans paying homage to characters from Star Wars, as well as Marvel and DC comic books. Even the local grocery store got in on the action. All photos by Liz...
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  • Comic-Con Party People Invade San Diego
    The convention center is only part of the San Diego Comic-Con experience. Check out what happens when people aren't roaming the exhibit hall or standing in panel lines. From Comic-Con parties to the Adult Swim Funhouse and Regular Show Regular Zone, there was a lot to see in San Diego last...
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  • San Diego Comic-Con: Inside the Convention Center
    Whether you're a fan of comic books, sci-fi movies or animated television, there was something for you to see inside San Diego Comic-Con. All photos by Liz Ohanesian. See also: * The Walking Dead at San Diego Comic-Con * Comic-Con Party People Invade San Diego * Cosplay Characters of San Diego...
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  • SmorgasBar at the South Street Seaport
    Photographer Bradley Hawks brings back these images from SmorgasBar on Saturday, July 20, 2013 at the South Street Seaport. A dozen food and drink vendors--curated by the Brooklyn Flea--set up on Front Street every day through October. From boozy slushes and craft beer, to wood-fired kimchi...
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  • The Bates Motel Party at Comic Con
    A&E hosted a party for its Bates Motel show at San Diego Comic Con on July 20, 2013. The party was produced by MKG. Photos by Laura June Kirsch for The Village Voice. See Also: - Vera Farmiga On Faith, Madonna, and Mo'Nique
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