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  • Learning How to Rock at the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls
    Willie Mae Rock Camp is a weeklong summer camp for girls aged 8-18. Throughout the program, the girls receive instruction on various instruments (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals, DJ/turntables). At the end of the week, the campers put on a showcase at the Music Hall of Williamsburg to a...
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  • There is Literally Nothing Better Than a Pool Party
    On August 3rd, Washed Out celebrated the release of their new album "Paracosm" at the Thompson LES pool. Music, sun, and a pool=Summer, perfected. DJs: Washed Out, Lemonade, and Small Black. ALL PHOTOS BY LAURA JUNE KIRSCH See Also: The People You See at a Pool Party Girl Talk Pool...
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  • Muay Thai Ass-Kicking On The Hudson
    On August 2nd, Rumble on the River transformed Pier 84 on the Hudson into a massive Muay Thai kickboxing arena. Tickets were free, so folks packed the West Side to watch some crazy combat. ALL PHOTOS BY LOREN WOHL
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  • Behold! The Ramen Burger In All Its Glory
    By 10:30 a.m. Saturday, nearly two hundred rain boot- and poncho-clad people had formed a queue winding through Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, hungrily awaiting the unveiling of the Shoyu Ramen Burger, which hit the blogosphere with cronut-like force last week. Creator Keizo Shimamoto and his...
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  • PPP Opens At Rox Art Gallery
    On August 1st, PPP (Peter Pan Posse), an artist collective, opened their new show at Rox Gallery on the Lower East Side. "None Of Us Is Greater Than All Of Us" runs through September 7th. ALL PHOTOS BY NATE "IGOR" SMITH
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  • A Look Back at Lindsay Lohan's Winding List of Roles
    In The Canyons, Lindsay Lohan's latest film, the 27-year-old New York native plays Tara, " a woman who could be a Hollywood climber but who really, maybe, just wants to survive. The boyfriend she's latched onto is suitable only on the surface: Christian (the adult-film performer James Deen) is...
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  • Bushwick Block Party: The Lost Shots
    Brooklyn played host to the Bushwick Block Party 2013 on Saturday, July 27. There was live music (from both bands and DJs), as well as food trucks, half pipes, double dutch, and of course, dancing and drinking. Check out our earlier gallery here: We Are Still Recovering From the Bushwick...
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  • July 2013: The Month in Photos
    July, we hardly knew ye. This month was dominated by heat waves, parties, protests, boat trips, great places opening, legendary places closing, and even a tomato battle. All in a month's work.
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  • Max Fish Says Goodbye With One Last Night of Madness
    On July 29th, venerated Lower East Side bar Max Fish closed up its doors for good. You could spend hours debating what this means for the changing landscape of the neighborhood (and New York itself), or you could order a drink and have a good time. The bar will be moving to a new location in...
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  • Rock Stars: Then and Now
    Throughout the decades, they've been urging us to sing louder, drink more beer and party harder than we ever had. What would we do without rock stars? We compare a few dozen of our favorite 8" x 10" glossies, plucked from our archives, with recent concert photos and portraits from some of our...
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  • We Are Still Recovering From the Bushwick Block Party
    On Saturday, July 27th, the Bushwick Block Party sectioned off part of Moore Street to host Action Bronson, beer, skateboarding, art, more music, more beer, and lots of fun. It was a blast. Why weren't you there? Oh, you were? Sorry, we must have missed you. ALL PHOTOS BY LAURA JUNE KIRSCH
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  • Alphabet City Beer Cruise Sets Sail, Three Sheets to the Wind
    On July 27th, Alphabet City Beer loaded up a sailboat with beer lovers and sailed around Manhattan. Sun, beer, and friends; what more could you ask for? Beer? Yeah, there was a lot of that too. ALL PHOTOS BY BRADLEY HAWKS
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