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  • The Typewriter Project on Governors Island
    The Typewriter Project, created by Stephanie Berger and Nicholas Adamski, had its pilot launch on July 26, 2014 at the fourth-annual New York City Poetry Festival. The typewriter was set up on Governors Island during the weekend festival for people to spontaneously type out their thoughts to...
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  • The Brooklyn Drag Scene Invades Acme
    Deryck Todd's Strut party -- "Pout, Put It Out" -- went down on Wednesday, July 29 at Acme (9 Great Jones Street), featuring a Brooklyn drag invasion, with Merrie Cherry, Lady Simon, Chris of Hur, Alotta McGriddles (McDonalds) and Aja (Mr(s) Williamsburg). The party was hosted by Sophia Lamar,...
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  • The Stand with Israel Rally Draws Thousands
    The New York Stands with Israel demonstration on Monday drew thousands of people who squeezed into Dag Hammarskjold Plaza near the United Nations, each with their own reasons for supporting Israel as it continues a military offensive that has claimed more than 1,000 Palestinian lives (most of...
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  • Partying at Comic-Con 2014
    Whoever said nerds can't party has obviously never experienced Comic-Con after dark. The industry parties might have free booze, but most of those execs are back in bed by 10 p.m. If you ask the fans they'll tell you that sometimes the best party is the one happening in the hotel lobby with...
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  • Juggalettes of the 2014 Gathering (NSFW)
    Our favorite juggalettes spotted at the 2014 Gathering of the Juggalos, held July 23-27 in Thornville, Ohio. Photos by Nate "Igor" Smith. See also: 2010: Juggalette Cuties 2010: Naked Juggalettes (NSFW) Naked Juggalettes 2011 (NSFW) Juggalette Cuties at the 2012 Gathering (NSFW) The Lovely...
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  • The Beautiful People Of Comic-Con 2014
    With all the elaborate costumes and makeup at Comic-Con, everywhere you turn, people are looking their finest. Though it was tough to choose, here are the most beautiful people we found in a sea of Comic-Con comeliness. All photos by Keith Plocek. See also: - The Faces of Comic-Con 2014 -...
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  • Super Women of Comic-Con 2014
    San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing and that means the streets and alleys around the Convention Center are full of cosplay, cosplay, cosplay. Among the characters are plenty of strong, powerful, kickass females who are rocking the cosplay world on their terms. All photos by Rob...
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  • The "Sharp Objects" Opening at Leslie+Lohman
    Photographers Walt Cessna and Natasha Gornik opened their "Sharp Objects" art exhibition Friday, July 25 at Leslie+Lohman Prince Street Project (127-B Prince Street). From the artists: "Sharp Objects is a duo photography exhibition, showing their provocative works which are heavily focused on...
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  • Milk Showers and Gilbert Gottfried: Day 3 at the Gathering of the Juggalos
    Twiztid, Da Mafia 6,Gilbert Gottfried, milk showers, power tools, fire-breathing, golf carts, twerking on people passed out in the grass, the "Oh Shit Nachos" sign and more: Here's your recap of the third day of the Gathering of the Juggalos 2014 in Thornville, Ohio. Photos by Nate "Igor"...
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  • Anti-Israeli Protests in Midtown Manhattan
    Hundreds of protesters opposed to the fighting in Gaza took part in a large rally at 42nd Street and 2nd Avenue in Midtown Manhattan on July 25th, 2014. The protests began earlier in the day near Foley Square, moving north into the evening before finishing in front of the Israeli Mission at...
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  • Summer Fridays Pool Party at McCarren Hotel & Pool
    The McCarren Hotel & Pool in Williamsburg hosted a summer Friday pool party on July 26, 2014. The weekly meet-up is put on by Root Studios from 5 to 10 p.m. Photos by Jena Cumbo for the Village Voice.
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  • The Year in Concert Photos (So Far)
    From the final 285 Kent show in January to the Gathering of the Juggalos in late-July, here's our sort-of mid-2014 review of our favorite concert photos. You can view all of our photography at
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