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  • YYY Parties in an Abandoned Firehouse
    On December 13th, Nick the Duke hosted YYY, a crazy party in an abandoned firehouse on Lafayette street. DJs included The Carry Nation, James F!@#$%^ Friedman, and Ewan Pearson. ALL PHOTOS BY LAURA JUNE KIRSCH
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  • The Debaucherous Santas of SantaCon 2013
    Love it or hate it (or really, really hate it), the drunken seasonal bar crawl that is SantaCon came back to New York on Saturday, December 14th to raise Ho-Ho-Hell. ALL PHOTOS BY C.S. MUNCY
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  • The Ten Best Biscuits in New York City
    Step aside cupcakes, hand pies, and -- yes, you too -- cronuts/doughsants, right now, NYC has all eyes on the biscuit. These soft and flaky staples of Southern cuisine have been working their way up north, and the recent entrance of 24-hour Empire Biscuit -- and the crowds that stormed the...
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  • The Ten Best Restaurants in Hell's Kitchen
    A far, gentrified cry from the neighborhood it once was, the Hell's Kitchen of today is a glossy labyrinth of condominiums and an ever-waning number of low-slung buildings and affordable dining options. Still, the area is teeming with great restaurants catering to all demographics, and with the...
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  • The Best Hot Chocolates in New York City
    Surely one of winter's greatest treasures, a mug of hot chocolate can feel as restorative as a multi-dimensional meditative trance (FYI: nirvana looks like Beyonce eating a cronut). No matter how cold or dreary it gets, this elixir with ancient roots -- the Mayans beat us to it by at least two...
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  • American Hustle and The Hobbit Lead This Week in Film
    Yes, it's finally that time of year, when the year's biggest movies -- and some of the best -- hit theaters. This week, New Yorkers can see the opening of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, David O. Russel's American Hustle, and Disney's Saving Mr. Banks. In addition to multiplex fare,...
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  • The Best Graphic Novels of 2013
    Perverse heroines and supreme sacrifices in the year's best comics. READ MORE: 2013's Best Graphic Novels by R.C. Baker
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  • Beer and Winter Treats at the LIC Flea Holiday Market
    There are two weekends left of the LIC Flea & Food Market Holiday Flea, which launched over the weekend. Several vendors from this summer return for the winter flea, and they're vending beside a few newcomers. Dandy Wellington and His Band will be performing every Sunday in December, a bowling...
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  • Can't Make a Bad Decision With Free Tattoos and Karaoke
    On December 8th, Oliver Peck brought his Karaoke machine and his cross-dressing Ramones cover band (The Ramonahs) to Arlene's Grocery. There were free Sailor Jerry tattoos and all three judges from Ink Masters were there to party (including Dave Navarro). ALL PHOTOS BY NATE "IGOR" SMITH
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  • Festive Photo Booth Fun at Holiday Spirits
    On Thursday, December 5th, The Village Voice's Holiday Spirits event came to Studio Square in Long Island City for an evening of delicious and unique drinks. Our photo booth captured the festive fun. Photo booth sponsored by GTR Store/Photos By Victor Castro See More: The Village Voice's...
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  • Drag Stars Let Loose for Cat's Meow in Bushwick
    HAMM SAMWICH and other drag all-stars went wild on December 7th for Cat's Meow at Bizarre Bushwick. ALL PHOTOS BY MARO HAGOPIAN
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  • Childish Gambino Parties With Tumblr IRL
    On December 8th Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, teamed up with Tumblr for their IRL series. He performed for around 70 fans in a private TriBeCa loft for a show that was kept mostly under wraps. ALL PHOTOS BY LAURA JUNE KIRSCH
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