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  • Muse Brings the Madness to Madison Square Garden
    From Brittany Spanos's write-up of the April 15th show: With lead singer Matthew Bellamy's piercing, Freddie Mercury quality falsetto leading the charge, Muse kept their performance theatrical and provocative during the first of two MSG performances this week. It was a more comfortable stage...
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  • Spartan Sprint Kicks Racers' Asses Into Shape at Citi Field
    On Saturday, April 13, 11,000 people from all over the tri-state area participated in the Tri-State NY Spartan Sprint. Taking place at Citi Field, the stadium was transformed into one huge obstacle course that tested participants' fitness level and athleticism and also their determination. The...
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  • Who Cares if It's Cold Out, Let's Party Poolside
    On April 11th, Glasslands held a poolside party to welcome Spring. Sure, it was a little chilly -- that didn't keep anyone away. ALL PHOTOS BY LAURA JUNE KIRSCH
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  • Wavves Surf Into Glasslands
    On April 11th, California rockers Wavves brought SoCal to Glasslands. The only surfing was of the crowd variety, but hey, it's the best Brooklyn can offer right now. ALL PHOTOS BY LAURA JUNE KIRSCH
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  • Top 20 NYC Summer Movies
    What is it about New York in the summer that makes it an apt setting for social commentary? You'll find more than a few of those films in this list, a few action flicks, comedies, cult favorites and absolute bombs (that are probably worth a second viewing, though.) We dare you to watch any of...
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  • Do Not Underestimate Hot Chip
    From Ryan Leas's write-up of the April 13th show at Roseland Ballroom: All of this is to say: despite their quirky appearance, do not underestimate Hot Chip. Their live show is an unstoppable, endlessly gratifying 80 to 90 minute party. On paper, a Hot Chip set looks short, a meager 13 to 16...
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  • Green Day Get Loud at the Barclays Center
    From Brittany Spanos's write-up: The band's performance was cohesive yet raw from start to finish. Beginning with "99 Revolutions," Green Day jumped right into their extensive songbook and packed as many bombs of pop punk catchiness they could into a nearly two and a half hour set. With at...
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  • This Is What It's Like To Go On Tour With DJs
    Between March 15th and 25th, photographer Kaitlin Parry followed around the Brooklyn based label Trouble and Bass at Miami's Winter Music Conference. She found herself at Diplo's party with Jillionair, the Fools Gold Rap party at a strip club with Boys Noize, Atrak, Trouble and Bass and many...
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  • Cheryl's Weekend at Basquiat's Party Got Insane Quick
    On April 5th, the insane party people of Cheryl threw a Weekend at Basquiat's party to celebrate NYC's downtown scene from decades ago. Why so nostalgic? Looks like nightlife going pretty well in 2013. ALL PHOTOS BY MARO HAGOPIAN
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