Interview with Lorin Ashton of Bassnectar

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Natalie Marcoux


At the Electric Daisy Carnival NYC this weekend, I had every Bassnectar fan's dream of sitting down with Lorin Ashton, the man behind the music.
When listening to Bassnectar's music it becomes an experience. Your body feels the beat in your bones and the bass vibrates threw you as if you were in an earthquake. So, when I heard that an earthquake once inspired Lorin in his mission to create the music changing the way we think about bass, I was not surprised. "The earthquake was an experience with bass where I felt and experienced a sound that wasn't a sound, bass is important in today's music because it is the first time we're able to produce at will on such a large scale, [before] it was a sensation reserved for nature and being able to tap into that primal force is an interesting way to intensify music." And that primal force mentality is what is driving an entire subculture dedicated to his music.

Published on May 24, 2012

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