Life is Cheap on Eldridge Street

Robert Sietsema writes in his round-up of Eldridge Street's cheap eats:
"For a dozen years, the lower three blocks of Eldridge Street have been the city's foremost cradle of cheap eats. That stretch boasts two of the stalls—Vanessa's and Prosperity—that ushered in the dollar-dumpling phenomenon, where a Washington got you five (now four) bulbous pork pot stickers. Additionally, it's the city's original home of Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles, at Super Taste, then at Sheng Wang—where peel noodles were also introduced. Surrounding these pasta and dumpling specialists are scads of bargain Fujianese restaurants, not to mention places that concentrate on manufacturing fish balls and serving them in soups. Hungry? You can stuff yourself silly on Eldridge for less than $5."

Photos by: Liz Barclay

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