Madonna Goes on a Hit Streak at Yankee Stadium

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Katherine St Asaph writes of Madonna's September 6th show at Yankee Stadium:

Reworks and politics were something of a subtheme of the night. "I'm a Sinner" became sitar-enhanced, flower-boa'd hippie stuff, as if the sinning in question came from a pamphlet on New Age. "Like a Virgin" became a throaty, groaned ballad, preceded by some talk about baring emotions, not flesh, and accompanied by a shirtless guy's portentous dressing, undressing and tightlacing of Madonna's nevertheless-bare back. It was either a disturbing take on maturity, vulnerability and power play, or a dreary disaster and waste of a hit brought on by booze and hubris. I haven't decided. As for the politics, said undressing also involved a large OBAMA back tattoo. This, plus an ad-libbed "Thank God for Michelle Obama!" got the biggest cheers of the night.
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Published on September 7, 2012

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