Nose Bleed Opening at Fuse Gallery

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Natalie Marcoux


Fuse Gallery,, is located in the back of Lit Lounge in the East Village and last night it hosted the opening event for Nose Bleed, curated by Erik Foss. New Yorkers used to hear "Nose Bleed" and think of what would happen if you ventured uptown past 14th street, because that was where all the money was. So artists stayed below the line, in the East Village and Lower East Side, where they were able to afford space to live and make work. Now the areas are becoming valuable to developers and are being gentrified.
The term "Nose Bleed" is no longer relevant to artists in New York as there is no more affordable space in Manhattan. This idea is what the show represents, not only through the work, but through the artists. There are famous works from well known "old school" artists (those who are familiar with the term "Nose Bleed") as well as pieces from upcoming artists who are new to the city and will never hear the term used to describe Manhattan.
There are 41 artists participating in the show, which will be on display for one month.
Participating Artists: Aiko, Alyssa Monks, Andrew Poneros ( Pork ), Anton Perich, Bast, Ben Bertocci, Bijoux Altamirano, Cheryl Dunn, Clayton Patterson, Conrad Carlson, Daze, Esao Andrews, Faust, Haze, Ivory Serra, Isabella Costan-Toth, Jack Walls, James Stone, Joe Roberts, Joshua Wildman, Judith Supine, Kevin Bourgeois, KP Lawless, Kyle Krueger, Leo Fitzpatrick, Lisa Lebofsky, Linda Griggs, Lorenzo Masnah, Mitra Walter, Nate Turbow, Nick Zinner, Nikki Sneakers, Othelo Gervacio, Pamela Tait, Richard Kern, Sara Rahbar, Shelter Serra, Spam, Steve Ellis and Tristan Eaton.
Write up and photos by Natalie Marcoux

Published on March 29, 2012

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