NYPD vs. CPD: How Police Deal With Press and Protesters

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Before the New York Police Department raided Zuccotti Park last year, officers on the scene asked everyone with an NYPD-issued press pass to raise their hand. Most complied, believing they were identifying themselves to officers who would allow them to remain and do their job unimpeded. Instead, those who showed their passes were escorted to a press "safety zone" several blocks away. Photographers and writers who remained (myself included) would later find themselves physically threatened, removed or arrested.

Since the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement, photographer C.S. Muncy has been documenting the ever-evolving relationship between the police and protestors. During his experience, he encountered frequent issues due to the NYPD's tactics with credentialed press. On May 19th, C.S. travelled to Chicago to photograph the anti-NATO protests. When there, he observed the Chicago Police Department's very different approach to the press (and protesters). ALL TEXT AND PHOTOS BY C.S. MUNCY

Published on May 30, 2012

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