Photos: The Best Chinese Restaurants in New York

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10. Spicy Village - Henan Feng Wei, offering the food of the Henan province northwest of Shanghai, is an excellent spot off the beaten track in Flushing. It spawned Manhattan's He Nan Flavour a couple of years back, preserving the quintessence of the menu, with a few neighborhood-pleasing Cantonese and Fujianese dishes thrown in. Now, with a slightly expanded menu, the place has changed its name to Spicy Village, and remains every bit as good. Go for the "big tray chicken" (above) or brisket hui mei (wide handmade wheat noodles).

Robert Sietsema writes:

It's been over two years since Fork in the Road appraised the relative merits of the city's Chinese restaurants - things have changed so much in the interim. Northern Chinese fare continues to rule Flushing, Elmhurst has increased the breadth of its offerings beyond Taiwanese, and Sunset Park remains a bastion of familiar Cantonese eats - improved these days with Hong Kong style. Meanwhile, Manhattan's Chinatown absorbs all these influences, while remaining a hotbed of Fujianese, Shanghai, Cantonese, and now Northern Chinese fare. Other trends include the outmigration of great restaurants from Chinatowns, and the hipsterization of various regional cuisines.

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Published on February 22, 2013

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