Pok Pok Ny: Bangkok Pop, No Fetishes

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Liz Barclay


From Tejal Rao's review of Pok Pok Ny:
"In the tented dining area round back, under the funny hanging plants and colored lights, it's always cocktail hour. Make it your mission to taste at least two of the unfussy drinks, lightly dosed with Pok Pok's own Japanese-style vinegars. Nibble on those wonderfully greasy shrimp chips ($2) that dissolve on your tongue like eco-friendly packing peanuts, and tune in to the same jazzy Thai pop that blares from Bangkok's cabs at 3 in the morning. Inhale the scent of rotisserie drippings hitting the hot coals, and you'll salivate like a backpacker, arriving at last to the dog-eared night market in his Lonely Planet guidebook."
Photos by: Liz Barclay

Published on June 13, 2012

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