Portraits of the 99%

Photographs by Caleb Ferguson.

The artist's statement:

"Unfounded criticisms usually call for occupiers to get a job, go home, or give up on having their "60’s moment." Whether one is in support of the Occupation of Wall Street, or looks down on occupiers in disdain, it is clear that large-scale systemic and institutional problems continue to be a burden for the United States. Many have offered opinions and criticisms, but have failed to recognize that the occupiers are a reflection of American society. They're young, middle aged, old, from various ethnic backgrounds, homeless, college educated, former Wall Street employees, anarchists, union members, laid off teachers, and the list goes on. Such a diverse group will surely call attention to a diverse set of issues and needs.

"After meeting Richard Addeo, the Occupy Wall Street movement became more difficult to define. Richard, a retiree, takes the subway from Brooklyn each day and arrives at Zuccotti Park around 3PM. Next, he chooses a sign lying around the park and stands for three hours to show his support of Occupy Wall Street. He shows his support Monday through Friday and chooses a different sign each time.

"Some participants only come on the weekends; Sonya came all the way from Wisconsin. A few participants come between class; Donna was homeless and found a home within the movement. The success of the movement lies in its diversity. Nearing three months old, the Occupy Wall Street movement has become increasingly more powerful due to the diverse demographic that supports the movement through varying methods. Some send money, some march in the streets. These are just a few of the faces that represent the 99%."


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