Scenes From the Brooklynettes Open Audition

Hundreds of women and a few men showed up to the Long Island University campus in Brooklyn on Saturday, June 28 to audition for a spot on the 2014 Brooklyn Nets dance team, the Brooklynettes. Following a warm-up, the aspiring 'ettes dancers practiced a routine with entertainment coordinator and coach/choreographer Adar Wellington and a few of the Brooklynettes. This led to the first round of cuts. As the ladies demonstrated the routine across the basketball court, two of the pros passed out numbers (and joy) to the skillful, leaving those without to glumly grab their gear and head home.

The numbered dancers learned a lengthier routine for the next hour and a half before really being put to the test. After being divided into sets of five, each dancer did the whole routine twice in front of the Brooklynettes and the hundred or so other hopefuls. When it was all said and done, those ladies who would continue on were recognized by number. About forty made the cut and they'll have to continue to prove themselves over the next three days if they hope to be earn a place as a Brooklynette.

Photos by Sachyn MItal for the Village Voice.

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